Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2019

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The dates have been set for the third stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2019!

The Preskil Island Resort, recently renovated, is once again hosting the comp.

Our team at Specialised Kiteboarding will be taking care of coordinating everything.

The NOR and SI can be found HERE.

See below answers to frequently asked questions:

Q:How much is registration?

A: Registration costs EUR 200.

Q:What is organised regarding accomodation?

A: All competitors must be staying at the Preskil Island Resort for at least five nights. These five nights being the 28, 29, 30, 31 August and 1 September.

The hotel is doing a very special deal for the competitors. The half board package is at EUR 130 for a double room (EUR 65 per person) or at EUR 75 for a single room.

This is an amazing rate for a 4+ Star hotel that has just been completely renovated. 

Your half board package entitles you to:

- Cocktails at the opening ceremony.

- Breakfast and dinner for each night you've booked.

- Special dinner for the night of the prize giving, on the 1 September.

Q: What if I want to stay for more than five nights at the Preskil, what is the rate then?

A: The rate is exactly the same! We recommend you extend your stay as much as you can as this is a fantastic deal. We also recommend you come with your family or coach as they can also get the same rate.

Q: Oh really, even a non racer has access to the same rate?

Yes, if you have people coming with you to the hotel, they can have access to this same rate. They will just have to pay an entry fee of EUR 150 to be considered as part of the competition.

Q: What does my entry fee give me access to and what does the entry fee of my family member/coach give them access to?

The competitors entry fee of EUR 200 gives him:

- Entry into the comp.

- Free airport pickup and drop-off.

- Free lunch during the 4 days of competition

- Access to the special rate at the hotel

The family member or Coach entry fee of EUR 150 gives them:

- Free airport pickup and drop-off.

- Free lunch during the four days of competition. 

- Free access to the VIP Catamaran which will be moored just downwind of the race course. The perfect spot to follow the racing.

- Access to the special rate at the hotel.

Q: That all sounds great, what weather condition can I expect?

A: End of August is pretty much the middle of winter in Mauritius so you can expect water and air temperature around 22 degrees and constant trade winds between 15 and 25 knots. We recommend you use a shorty to keep you warm on the water. Some long pants and a hoody will do the trick on land.


You are sold? Click HERE to register for the event.

NOTE: Do not use the "Add to cart" link above to pay for registration. Instead we will simplify things and ask you for a single payment including your room fee. You will be asked to pay that directly to the Preskil Island Resort.

Be quick as we only have 50 spots available!