The Ultimate Windless Day Alternative to Wing and Kitefoiling

Experience the thrill of wakefoiling – an exciting alternative to Wingfoiling or Kitefoiling in windless conditions and the perfect starting point for surfoiling. Choose from our selection of top-notch boards and foils. Our instructors offer lessons for both beginners and advanced riders, guiding you through the diverse foil profiles. Dive into the excitement of gliding above water


This is one of the best schools I have come across. If interested in learning kiteboarding, renting gear, learn foiling or wanting to do a huge aquatic excursion with guidance, tips and boat support, then give the boys a call.

Darren - WA - Australia

The Guys at Specialised Kiteboarding Mauritius where in for a real challenge when taking me on as a new student to kiteboarding. 
This is something I've always wanted to do, but never really jumped at it - As it seemed impossible to say the least.

I was so impressed with the Staff at SK. They made me feel comfortable from the first session and had a special way of handling a newbie.

Danielle - South Africa

I can say hands down the guys at Specialised kiteboarding offer the best lessons for kitesurfing and hydrofoiling in Mauritius. They use the latest equipment and have boat support.

Jason - Byron Bay - Australia

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