This is one of the best schools I have come across. If interested in learning kiteboarding, renting gear, learn foiling or wanting to do a huge aquatic excursion with guidance, tips and boat support, then give the boys a call.

Darren - WA - Australia

The Guys at Specialised Kiteboarding Mauritius where in for a real challenge when taking me on as a new student to kiteboarding. 
This is something I've always wanted to do, but never really jumped at it - As it seemed impossible to say the least.

I was so impressed with the Staff at SK. They made me feel comfortable from the first session and had a special way of handling a newbie.

Danielle - South Africa

I can say hands down the guys at Specialised kiteboarding offer the best lessons for kitesurfing and hydrofoiling in Mauritius. They use the latest equipment and have boat support.

Jason - Byron Bay - Australia

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