Exclusive Kite trip on the St Brandon Archipelago

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Would you like to go somewhere really special?

Away from the crowds, far from your busy environment and reconnect with untouched nature?

We have something for you!

400km North East of Mauritius lays the archipelago of Saint Brandon.

Sand banks and small islands extend over 65 kms from South to North.

Protected on the East side by a reef, it creates a huge and shallow lagoon perfect for flat water twintip riding.

On the West side of the islands, deaper waters are ideal for foiling as the islands block the chop and offer kilometers of flat waters.

Apart from a few fishermen coming from Mauritius, St Brandon is basically empty, specially during the windy winter months which we love!

The trip starts in Mauritius where between 6 and 8 of us embark a 50ft Sport fishing boat. 24hrs later we arrive at the south island where our house is located and where we will be staying the following 8 nights.

From our base camp we go kiting every day with our kite guide along the endless sand banks. Two small boats follow us for safety.

You can choose between wave riding, flat water, foiling, St Brandon offers it all.

That sounds interesting to you and you would like to have more information?

Send us an email on specialisedkiteboarding@gmail.com