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If you have just done your "discovery lesson", the next step is the "board work".

What does that mean? Well yes, it's time to get you on the board now!

Our instructor will take you out in the lagoon with our boat, to make sure you have the best teaching in the best conditions with all the space you need.

You will practice sending the kite into the window to generate some pull and go downwind without the board at first. The idea is to get you used to how the kite behaves when you ask for power.

Once confident doing this, you will learn how to put the board in your feet and then how to get up on the board!

Most people will manage to do a few meters on the board  by the end of this lesson. The best students will already be doing long tacks along the lagoon!


After your "discovery lesson" and your first "board work lesson", you will need to take more lessons until you are confident tacking both ways upwind.

The very best students will be able to do it after their third lesson.

Most students will need a total of 4 board work lessons to be an independent kiter.

Take advantage of our boat support, always right next to you, to learn in the best possible conditions.