Half day downwinder - 3hrs

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Our most popular downwinder option.

**On a twintip**

Ride along the reef, following one of our instructor, in butter flat water, from our center all the way till "Sand Island"

15km as the crow flies but obviously you will be doing closer to 20km as you are doing a few tacks and following the contour of the reef. 

Enjoy the view as you past by the "Pass Island" then the "Lighthouse Island" and "Marianne".

Looking towards the land, marvel over the lush mountains of "Bamboos Virieux"

All along the way the scenery is breathtaking making this down winder one of a kind.  

Our safety boat follows you and will be taking you back to the center once you reach Sand Island.

**On a foil** 

Similar idea as on the twintip except you will be going through the channel rather than along the reef, for obvious reasons ;)

Foilers can choose to foil the way back also if they wish, rather than packing down and returning with our safety boat.

Water and soft drinks included.