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If you have just done your "discovery lesson", the next step is the "board work".

What does that mean? You will learn how to navigate on the real wingfoil board equipped with a foil. 

Our instructor will take you out with our boat to unsure the best security and one to one coaching. 

The board will have less volume than the one used during discovery, it will require better balance from the student.  

Once you know how to navigate, our goal is to teach you how to generate speed and ride upwind. 


After your "discovery lesson" and your first "board work lesson", you will start to learn how to do your first flights on the foil. 

Our goal during this lesson is to teach you how to foil. Depending on your skills and water sport experience, you might be able to do your first tacks on the foil.

In some cases, the student might need an extra lesson to get the hang of it ;)